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Regular exercise and social interaction are key to a healthy and well-mannered companion.

Sarah and Noam have been providing pet care and dog walking in the Pioneer Valley for over fifteen years. Our friendly service is the best way to make sure your pets get the loving treatment they deserve, because we know that they are an important part of your family.

We specialize in hour-long, off-leash walks. A tired dog makes for a happy owner! In addition to exercise, the dogs in our pack work on social skills such as staying together in a group, coming when called, and being well-mannered on the trails. And, unlike dog daycare, our dogs get to roam, run, and sniff, satisfying their deeply seated “seeking” drive, the urge to explore and understand new environments.

Sarah’s Pet Services also offers puppy potty breaks, on-leash neighborhood walks, cat care, reptile and rodent care, and in-home pet and house sitting. Whatever you and your pets need, call us to see how we can help make your life together better!

Meet The Team


Meet Our Team

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Sarah Schatz

Despite a lifelong love of animals, Sarah never had a dog growing up. Well, she’s more than made up for it by now! Sarah was a student at Umass when she started a small, part time job walking a few dogs around town. Word spread and her client list started to grow. Fourteen years and many piles of dog bones later, Sarah and her family (and their extended network of canine friends) have learned that the best things in life can be found outdoors.

Sarah is active in the local community, a member of the Chamber of Commerce, a home visit co-ordinator for Canine Last Hope Rescue, and a participant in Leadership Pioneer Valley class of 2013.

Noam Schatz

When Sarah showed up at Noam’s college graduation with a little puppy named Taiko, who could have imagined the impact it would have on his life. After a decade of walking dogs, he has learned much about dog psychology, animal behavior, people behavior, trees and plants, the seasons of New England, and especially mushrooms!

Ryan Hall

Ryan began his professional career of working with animals in 2008. From vet tech to service dog trainer, Ryan has made countless doggy pals over the years and has continued to learn from each and everyone of them. Currently, Ryan is Sarah’s Pet Services pack manager and oversees all things dog related. He is also a founding board member of the Faithful Friends Therapy Dog program in Ellington, CT and is in pursuit of his certification as dog trainer through Karen Pryor Academy. In his downtime, Ryan enjoys being in nature and hanging out with his dogs: Aero, Flicker, and Wrynn as well as his chickens!

Evan Boulet

Evan moved to the Pioneer Valley during the fall of 2019 after receiving his B.S. in Biology with a concentration in Wildlife and Environmental Biology. Before that, he served in the U.S. Air Force as a firefighter stationed in North Carolina. Evan is originally from Connecticut, where he grew up with Freddy the basset hound and many cats and reptiles. He currently enjoys spending his free time kayaking, hiking, running, and playing video games. He’s excited to be a part of Sarah’s Pet Services, hiking with and caring for your pets! 

Ysabel Lavitz

Ysabel’s casual interest in dog behavior and positive reinforcement training became a serious career consideration when she began living with a perky black mutt aptly named “nervous Nellie.” She quickly realized how many good dogs have challenging behaviors in our modern world. She also realized that there is a wealth of knowledge out there about how to understand and change those behaviors, and she hopes to contribute to it someday! Her home is Kentucky, but her place is the Pioneer Valley, where she earned her BA in Environmental Studies at Mount Holyoke College. Ysabel lives with her person and her dog in Northampton, which serves as her current home base for master’s degree coursework, animal behavior study, a bunch of books, and Nellie’s frisbee obsession. She is thrilled to befriend so many different dogs with Sarah’s Pet Services and to enjoy nature with them. 

Michelle Lemoine

Michelle Lemoine is a hiking enthusiast and general animal lover. She has been working with Sarah’s Pet Services since 2015! She has learned so much about dog and animal behavior and keeps learning more. She states “Dogs are the best exercise buddies and many of the dogs have a calmer home life since starting with us!”

Ania Micińska

Ania, originally from Poland, moved to the Pioneer Valley in 2015 with the intention of exiting the office work setting and pursuing her long-time dream of working with animals. She started at Sarah’s Pet Services in 2016, discovering Western Mass’s great outdoors, learning a ton about and from the many awesome pets. In 2020, she started helping Sarah with behind-the-scenes administrative tasks. Outside of Sarah's Pet Services, she works in translation and localization and takes care of two young busy boys at home.

Char Turner

Char started off as a teenage intern for a local sled dog business and has gone on to work at local vegetable, fruit, and dairy farms before coming to SPS in early 2018. A lifelong Valley resident, they love to watch the seasons change up close in the woods. Getting to know each of the dogs so closely has been very rewarding and has made every day educational and interesting. They are also enjoying learning as much as they can about animal behavior and handling. Char graduated from Clark University with a bachelor's in English and a concentration in creative writing. When they aren’t writing their book or walking dogs, they enjoy cooking, volunteering & mutual aid, and dreaming about tiny houses.

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