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Wedding and Event Pet Handling

We are SO excited to be offering in home training in 2022! More information here soon. In the meantime, please contact us if you're interested in our training services.

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Our wedding pet attendants provide complete dog handling and assistance throughout your event, including on-leash exercising, hydrating, and pottying. We can safely manage your pet before, during and after weddings, events or ceremonies you would like your best friend to be part of. Services range from transport to/from venue, photography handling, on-site handling and exercising.

 To personalize your event, we include a complimentary phone or video consultation where we get to know you, your dog and discuss the best way to feature your dog at your event.  All packages include pick-up and transport up to 50 miles from Northampton. Mileage over 50 miles will be charged 54¢ per additional mile. Mileage over 250 miles from Northampton, may be charged hourly. Weddings with SPS is a bonded and insured service provider.

 Example packages:

2 hours of onsite handling at your venue. We can work with your photographer to capture photos of your dog with the bridal party, with the couple getting ready and around the venue. We follow instructions from your photographer to get the memories of a lifetime.  We work to safely regulate your pet’s behavior, temperature and physical needs to assure a stress free event featuring your pet. 
$250 per event
Is your dog the flower girl or ring bearer? We can work with your party to seamlessly get your dog down the aisle. Will they be sitting with you at the altar? We watch from the side, monitoring for negative behavior and only intervening to escort them out if needed. This package includes up to 4 hours of onsite handling.

$400 per event

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