We specialize in off leash group walks. . .

Doggy Day Trips –

Half-day hikes in the woods and hills of the beautiful Pioneer Valley. Exercise, socialization, and good ol’ fun in a natural environment. We’ll come to your house, pick up your pets, and bring them back. . . tired! They will be calm when you get home and ready to snuggle.

$38 for a half day adventure (approx. 2-3 hours) additional dogs is 25% off

Mega Walk

Let them run and have tons of fun! Our dogs work together to learn the skills they need to be good off leash. They get to enjoy the full sensory experience that only the great outdoors can provide. Pick up and drop off included.

$29 for a long adventure (approx. 1 hour) additional dogs 25%

Neighborhood Stroll

Perfect for a puppy, elder statesman, or any dog who needs one on one attention. We’ll come visit, take your pup out for a walk, make sure they have fresh water, and anything else it takes to make them smile!

$21 for a short stroll (approx. 30 minutes) additional dogs 50% off

Puppy Package

Give your new friend a great start with two 20 minute visits while you are out! Time to eat lunch, play and go to the bathroom.

$32/day, visits spaced 2-4 hours apart.

​Spoiled Dogs, Happy Owners.