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Welcome to the Sarah’s Pet Services!

Can you believe that we’ve been providing pet care in the Valley for over 15 years?!?

We are mighty proud of all the great people. employees, clients, and pets that have been responsible for our lasting success. This is a fantastic place to live and we feel truly fortunate that we are able to make our living helping all of you make the best lives for you and your pets, all while having a ton of fun romping through the beautiful woods of Western Mass.

When Sarah started this business in 2000, she was finishing up college and we had just gotten our first puppy, our beloved Taiko. Sarah never thought about being an entrepreneur, she just loved animals. When I first started helping her walk dogs a few years later, I thought it was a short term arrangement until I got a better job (I’m still waiting). We never thought about learning animal behavior, we just liked playing with puppies in the woods. Over the years, the business has grown stronger and busier. We have hundreds of clients and a fantastic crew of employees to help care for them.

Sarah with our beagle Bella back in 2003! // My first dog walking vehicle – a tiny, beat up Honda!

Slowly, seemingly accidentally, after gathering a decade and a half of experience, we have come to be pretty darn knowledgeable in the pet care world. And now we’d like to share some of that knowledge with the good folks who are our clients and the rest of the wonderful animal loving community here in Western Mass.

Sarah has talked for a while about starting this blog, and I am very excited to get the ball rolling. People call and ask us all sorts of questions about their animals (sometimes the questions might have been better asked before they got their crazy high-energy breed!). We hope we will be able to regularly cover topics that are interesting and informative, to help you be the best pet owner possible, and to answer some of your questions before they need to be asked.

Some of the topics we hope to get to include pet safety, animal behavior, understanding canine motivation and body language, the best pet resources here in the Pioneer Valley, the benefits of our services, dealing with health issues, and anything else we can think of to try and help you give your pets the best life possible.

Sarah runs the pack. What would you like to ask us?

Please let us know if you have any specific questions or ideas for topics (email us at: We’d love to hear from you and engage in conversation so we can all learn together!

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