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Holistic Dog Training at Sarah's Pet Services

Over the last few years, much has changed for us, as it has for many of you. The pandemic and its aftermath caused significant shifts in the canine populations and families we serve. We have seen many people move in and out of the area, an influx in dog ownership, as well as an increase in stressors and behavioral problems for many of these dogs as people begin to return to their lives. And through this all, we have seen how much our team can help dogs by providing dogs a chance to be dogs with off-leash hikes, in addition to training services. We have learned how critical a holistic approach is and how much of a difference it can make for a dog as well as its family. As such, the changes detailed below will allow us to further integrate our walking and training services so that we may continue to improve pack health and increase canine and human satisfaction while reflecting Sarah's Pet Services team's ongoing commitment to providing the most holistic care we can for the dogs and families within our services.

Effective Aug 13, 2023, any new canine client, including new puppies and recently adopted dogs, as well any current or past canine clients that we have not provided services to within 3 months must undergo a Canine Evaluation before receiving walking services. Canine Evaluations will be conducted by our on-staff trainers within the context of the desired service and results will be communicated with the clients along with recommendations after the evaluation. Canine Evaluations are $60.

For all of you with regular walkers in our service, this will not affect you or your dog as long as we have seen your dog in the last 3 months and you haven't added to your canine pack at home. Canine Evaluations may also be required, after a discussion between staff and the client, at the SPS team's discretion for any dog demonstrating problematic behaviors, or any dog undergoing an abnormal or stressful life event including moves, family dynamic changes, or new medical diagnosis.

In conjunction with Canine Evaluations, we are rolling out our new Adventure Training program. This new program can take place over 6 to 8 sessions across 3 to 4 weeks to help bring dogs' off-leash obedience and social behavior to a level so they can be successfully integrated into our regular packs. We hope this will be a useful program for anyone on the fence about joining our off-leash packs. These sessions will be $80. Please note, any current clients receiving a form of Adventure Training under the current Day Training program will continue to receive such training at that price until 9/4/23.

EFFECTIVE AS OF 9/4/23: Changes to training services and policies will take effect for all current, working clients. Current Day Training and Private Training services will cease and be replaced with Canine Coaching. In order to sign up for Canine Coaching during a particular week, clients will be required to be available to participate in at least one scheduled service during that week with the trainer. There will no longer be a 3 scheduled services per week requirement and instead, clients may sign up for as much or as little as desired though the trainer may have recommendations. Clients who do sign up for multiple services per week will receive a reduced cost per service. Please note that Time to Pet will automatically apply these rates when signing up.

Canine Coaching prices:

1 per week =$100/ session

2 per week = $90/ session

3+ per week = $80/ session

Thank you for being a valued member of our pack!


office: or 413-626-5406


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