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Looking Forward to 2023 - updates

Happy New Year to all of our fantastic clients and their wonderful animals! This year is looking like a year of change for Sarah’s Pet Services. As such, we wanted to review some changes that occurred over 2022 as well as share some updates in philosophy, services, and policies for 2023. Sarah’s Pet Services mission has always been to provide the highest quality care for the dogs and cats of the Pioneer Valley. In 2022 we expanded our team, skills, and services to better match the needs of our clients. These changes included:

  • Hiring a new office manager, April, allows for increased response time as well as freeing up time for other team members to focus on the care of the animals they work with. Her email is:

  • Beyond classes, having a certified trainer on staff allows for better evaluation of all the dogs we work with and the packs that they are part of. In consultation with the walkers, Ryan now manages pack health and provides assessments for walkers to help improve the packs they oversee. We are also better equipped to make recommendations to help your dog succeed in the woods as in the home!

  • And with a push towards healthier packs came an expansion of our team with Sara, Emily, and Ava. Each one of these wonderful people have been a fantastic addition to our team and we couldn’t be happier to have them.

Between office management, better pack evaluation, and a larger team we have been able to provide more walks and at higher quality in 2022 than ever before.

In this new year, we hope to build upon this foundation by providing increased investment in our team while leaning into the amazing talent we already have. We are very excited to announce that Ryan will be attending ClickerExpo 2023 in Washington, DC this March. There he will have the opportunity to learn from the leading experts in dog training and further hone his skills to better serve all of

our clients.

In addition, Sarah’s Pet Services will be investing more heavily in our walker’s overall training and providing access to new educational and certification programs. As we go through 2023, SPS looks forward to sharing with you our team's journey and goals as we continue to strive in providing the best animal care in the Pioneer Valley. Look forward to future updates in the months to come!

Thank you for your business and trust. If you would like to spread the word, please leave us a Google Business review and/or vote for us in the Valley Advocate Best of the Valley 2023, under dog trainer (Ryan Hall) and Dog Day Care, both under the service section.


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