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Getting your dog off leash and into the woods for their first adventure with Sarah's Pet Services!

So you decided your dog needs more exercise, mental enrichment, or maybe just a chance to do their business while you are at work or school. You researched local options and have determined Sarah’s Pet Services was the best fit for the trusted care of your pet. Now what? The following is a comprehensive guide for joining the pack at Sarah’s Pet Services and getting your dog off leash and into the woods for their first adventure!

Step 1: Click the “Get Started” tab on the Sarah’s Pet Service website (

This will take you to our calendar to schedule a 15 minute phone consultation with Sarah. During this we will collect some basic information on you, your pet, the services you are looking for, and to give you some basic information about us. We will also have some initial questions for you to ensure that we can meet you and your pets needs.

Step 2: Activate your Time to Pet account and fill it out completely

After the initial phone call we will send you a link to activate your Time to Pet profile. Time to Pet is the safe and secure app that allows clients and team members to quickly access important information on your pet and household, while easing communication between all parties involved in the care of your pet. With this in mind, it will be crucial for you to completely fill out your Time to Pet profile with as much detail as possible before we continue with the next steps of the process. Make sure to include information not only about the household but also any pets that we may interact with during our visits.

Step 3: Meet and greet with your pet

Once your profile is fully filled out we can schedule your first meet and greet. We will work out a mutually agreed upon day and time for you to meet with our pack manager or the team member who will most likely be working with your dog. The meeting will occur at your house with you and your dog. We will bring treats and start building our relationship with your pet from the moment we meet them. Of course, if your pet has allergies or specific treats that they prefer, feel free to let us know. During the meeting we will run through how our services work and discuss your needs more thoroughly. This is a great time to let us know of any particular questions or concerns you may have.We will also ask any questions we may have about your house, your pet, or your past experiences. Please be prepared to show us where your dog is kept during the day, how to access your house, and where your dog’s gear is. After the meeting, our team will discuss all relevant information, pack dynamics, and safety considerations to decide if we feel comfortable with moving forward with your dog. Thankfully, it is very rare that we feel our services are a bad match for a dog that has made it to this step!

Step 4: Schedule your first adventure!

After your meeting with our team member and receiving approval you can schedule your dog for their first adventure. Schedules are confirmed the Sunday night before the week of service. Be sure to schedule yourself no later than 9pm on Sunday night to ensure your dog gets on their desired adventure. If you are looking for consistent days each week, it may be worth asking for a template. A template will automatically put your dog on the schedule each week.

Step 5: To adventures and beyond!

Now it’s time for your dog's first adventure! Our general services hours are 10am until 3pm, Monday through Friday. Of course, we can discuss your actual needs during the client meeting. For our off leash adventures, there are usually two hikes a day with a morning adventure and afternoon adventure. Please keep in mind that your dogs may be on either of these adventures depending on what is healthiest for the pack and your dog according to the walker and pack manager. We will discuss the pick up procedure during your client meeting. Regardless, please make sure that the discussed entry method is available or we will need to leave your dog behind. For Off leash adventures, our walker will come in and leash your dog and introduce them to some dogs in the car. We will then head to the woods for the adventure. When starting new dogs on off leash adventures there are some things to know. First, remember we don’t expect any dog to be perfect from the start! All new dogs are started on a 20 foot long lead. They will be kept on the leash for as long as needed. In general we are watching for a strong recall, a good check in behavior in which the dog looks for a human without being called, and excitement to get in the car. We understand every dog is different and are happy to be patient and explore your dog's needs. Keep in mind that during this process we will be open and communicative with you. It can be very beneficial if you also help us by training at home. If you are interested in assisting with your dog's training, please feel free to communicate with our pack leader to discuss techniques to help your dog succeed with Sarah’s Pet Service.


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